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Library Unveils Initial Expansion Plan

More than 100 people attended two Open House events in November to learn more about Mesa County Libraries’ plans to expand and improve the Central Library in downtown Grand Junction. Approximately 70 people submitted constructive comments that will be considered as the project moves forward into a more detailed design phase.

Current plans call for adding approximately 9,000 square feet of new space to the existing Central Library structure. This will include expanded areas for reading, studying, and customer use and will improve the library’s interior by incorporating more natural lighting and energy efficiency. Plans call for construction of a new multi-use room on the street level and the addition of small study rooms and outdoor patio space. In response to public sentiment, the proposed $5.5 million project would supersede plans to build a wholly new structure at greater expense and will complement prior renovation projects to create a library facility with a long lifespan.

The library’s Board of Trustees plans to select a project architect this month. Construction could begin in spring 2012, with project completion expected in spring 2013.

Information about the project is posted in a lower-level display case at the Central Library. We invite anyone interested to stop by and take a look.

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