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1930s Glamour Packs the House, Art Program Next

Last night’s program, The Glamorous 1930s, packed the Central Library Program Area. Special thanks to Caole Lowry, owner of Planet Earth & The 4 Directions Gallery, for supplying the clothes, to designer Julie Tierney for helping us understand the fashions, and to all the models who helped make Rules of Civility come alive. Though the fashions from last night are nearly 80 years old, they’ve never really gone out of style. (Check out the new 1930s inspired Vanity Fair cover for a great example).

One Book programs are just getting started and there are plenty of opportunities to participate. Up next is the “Art of Civility: Subways to Social Realism.” Explore the photography and art presented in the book with CMU professor Steven Bradley and photographer Dorsey Coe.

Art of Civility: Subways to Social Realism
6 p.m., Thursday, February 2
Central Library Program Area

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