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10 For Thanksgiving







Believe it or not, Thanksgiving is upon us.  Time for food, family, rest, and perhaps a movie or two.

A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving is a great way to begin your holiday viewing.  If you wish to remain in a nostalgic vein, Miracle On 34th Street is a good choice to follow up.

If it’s comedy you’re looking for, try Friends, which aired for 10 seasons, and was known for cranking out a stellar Thanksgiving episode for almost every one.  Planes, Trains, and Automobiles will keep you laughing at the “joys” of holiday travel.  If you want to stay on the road, give Scent of a Woman a try.

To revel in the many emotions that family can evoke this time of year, go with Home For the Holidays, Pieces of April, or Hannah and Her Sisters. On the same topic, but for a moodier crowd, take a look at The House of Yes or The Ice Storm.

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