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ARRIVAL!: Mesa County Libraries staff arrive at Library of Congress (figuratively)

UPDATE: Today is December 5, and we have arrived at the Library of Congress one week ahead of schedule! Our stats so far: 2,166 miles in 4,315,993 steps. 



To encourage and promote the importance of exercise, about 50 Mesa County Libraries staff members will walk from Grand Junction to the Library of Congress in Washington, D.C., and back this holiday season. Figuratively, of course.

The goal of the six-week Trek to the Library of Congress is for library staff to collectively take enough steps to get there and back without making the actual trip. The challenge begins Thanksgiving Day and ends Jan. 2, 2013.

 The library’s Wellness Team, composed of staff members, came up with the Library of Congress trek as a fun way to promote fitness during the holidays. Walking regularly is one of the most effective ways to maintain fitness and good health, and the trek is a good way to encourage walking as part of a healthy lifestyle.

 The 2,153-mile route begins in Grand Junction and visits state libraries along the way to Washington, D.C. That distance translates to approximately 4.3 million steps one way (8.6 million, including the return trip). Using those figures, library staff set a goal of 5,000 steps per person each day.

 Staff members will measure their steps using pedometers and an American Heart Association online tool that converts various activities, such as dancing and skiing, into number of steps. Individual participants will record their steps daily, and the collective total will represent progress on the Trek to the Library of Congress.

 A map posted in the Central Library, 655 N. 1st St., will track the library staff’s progress toward the goal.


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