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If you’re like me (a weirdo), your idea of a rip-roaring good time may include a trip to Goodwill, Salvation Army or some other thrift shop to buy other people’s discarded clothes.  Lately I’ve been snapping up those ubiquitous long, shapeless dresses and jumpers that make ladies look like earnest missionaries.  You know the ones.  We’re talking full coverage here.  What’s good for the very modest is also good for  scavenger types like me; there is a lot of fabric in those babies and I’ve been making things like tote bags and purses with them.  You could make placemats, pillows, or even cut them down to make new garments if you’re a good enough seamstress.  I stick with fabrics like 100% linen and cotton corduroy; nobody likes those gross synthetics.  There are a lot of refashioning websites around to give you  ideas, like : New Dress a Day, Refashion Co-Op, and this refashion roundup from WhipUp

Here are some fun books available from the library catalog, too:

Reinvention: sewing with rescued materials by Maya Donenfeld


 Sewing Green: projects and ideas for stitching with organic, repurposed, and recycled fabrics : plus tips and resources for earth-friendly stitching













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