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Have you ever found an author you enjoyed so much you read everything you could get your hands on, but he/she’s just not publishing them fast enough for you? Are you left wondering, “What can I read NOW?”? Or let’s say you’ve decided you like a particular title, like Gillian Flynn’s Gone Girl, and you want more of that type of book. 

There are actually a few ways we can help you, whether you are at the library or at home! On our Reader’s Cafe, we have two options:  “What should I read next?” or “Customized reading list.” With either of these, librarians will use your choices  to find more ideas of titles and/or authors for you to read.

If you’re a DIY type person, check out NoveList! Type in your favorite author’s name or book title, and NoveList will recommend similar authors or titles.  Simply look for the Title Read-alikes or Author Read-alikes below the book cover! Of course, if you’re in the library, just ask one of us for recommendations-we’re happy to help!

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