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Ponder the Night Sky

While our One Book movie series begins on Feb 3rd, our first program is just the next evening. Join us on Monday, February 4th at 6:00 pm for a panel discussion on the night sky. Having the title that it does, The Dog Stars captures the essence of humans turning to the night sky – for wonderment, comfort, understanding – even and especially in the most difficult and confusing of times. We’ll hear from three local experts regarding their fascination and understanding of the mythology and constellations of the night sky. Luis Lopez is an expert in Greek and Roman mythology, Danny Rosen operates the Western Sky Planetarium, and Hank Schoch is President of the Western Colorado Astronomy Club. 

We’ll also be collecting your questions for author Peter Heller at all of our programs, to enrich the Q&A portion of our author event on March 9th. Bring your questions with you to this or any other event.

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