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One Book Movie Sunday at the Avalon

Beth Emhoff returns home to Minneapolis after a trip to Hong Kong. She believes her symptoms to be those of jet lag, but she shortly mysteriously dies of an infection. Tragically, her son soon follows. Her husband, Mitch, soon learns he is immune to the illness, and fights to protect their daughter. Meanwhile, a worldwide pandemic is spreading. Both the Center for Disease Control and the World Health Organization are hard at work determining the strain and working on a viable vaccine, but millions die in the meantime. No one can be trusted, and no one can be cured. In Contagion, societal order begins to crumble as scientists race for a solution. 


This movie will be shown at the Avalon Theatre in downtown Grand Junction, at 7th and Main St. on Sunday, February 24th. The doors open at 1:30 pm, and the showing begins at 2:00 pm. The cost for the movie is $5, and you can pay at the door. This movie event will conclude our One Book movie series.

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