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Poetry Contest Winners!

Thank you to everyone who participated in our 2nd annual poetry contest in honor of National Poetry Month! 


The winners are:


1st place: “Iowa Soldiers, Entrenched World War I” by Barbara Meeker ($20 downtown GJ gift card)

2nd place: “Hollow Man” by Steve Hight ($10 downtown GJ gift card)

3rd place: “Benediction” by Patrick G. Metoyer ($5 downtown GJ gift card)


Congratulations!  Your prizes are waiting for you at the Information Desk at the Central Library. Also, a big thanks to Dr. Lopez for being our judge again :)



1st Place: “Iowa Soldiers, Entrenched World War I” by Barbara Meeker


Soldiers marching

Darkness falls

Trenches hide them

Muddy walls



Lie face down

With backs to wall

Sleep unsound


Branches crackle

Boots step light


Past midnight


Hand to shoulder

Word is passed

Silence darkens

No light cast


Each dons helmet

Seizes gun


Night undone


On toes in trench

Ears to ground

Scudding noises

Circle ‘round


Grenades strike trench

Piercing screams

Men blown apart

Most, young teens


Soldiers scramble

Some take aim

Some throw dirt on

Hell’s own flames


Germans escape

By fire’s light

My uncle’s fate

Sealed that night


Body retrieved

Stick stands tall

Wearing his tags

For morning’s call


2nd place:  “Hollow Man” by Steve Hight


The laughter from his mouth

rings as false as the other sounds

that emanate from it,

the pained look that furrows

his practiced brow,

the quizzical incomprehension

that follows from the pain of others,

the tiny doses of almost-concern

that he measures out when necessary,

and the fragile words of self-aggrandizement

so easily shattered they tinkle

like broken ornaments

to be swept into a pan and discarded


3rd place: “Benediction” by Patrick G. Metoyer


Ilya Kaminsky

blesses his deafness

praises sparkling





on dancing anvils

of his inner ears


lauds the lord who

stripped stirrups

silenced drums

yet did not dampen

Kaminsky’s Muses

Erato’s bellows

a wordsmith’s decibels


‘roun’ the world


Benedicite Deo!

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2 Responses to Poetry Contest Winners!

  1. By Patrick G. Metoyer, May 2, 2013 at 9:17 am

    Thanks, Luis, Cari, MCPL — you made my day with the notice that “Benediction” garnered the third-place award in this year’s poetry contest.

    • By Patrick G. Metoyer, May 2, 2013 at 9:20 am

      Congratulations to fellow poets Barbara K. Meeker and Steve Hight for their first and second place finishes.

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