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A Silver Lining

It did not win Best Picture at the Oscars, but for my money, Silver Linings Playbook was the finest film of 2012. 

Recently released on DVD, and available in our catalog, it is the story of Pat (Bradley Cooper), a bipolar psychiatric patient who moves in with his parents (Robert De Niro and Jackie Weaver) while he attempts to get his life on track and win back his estranged wife.  In the meantime, he meets Tiffany (Jennifer Lawrence), a brazen young widow who ropes him into a couples dance competition.

Adapted from the novel by Matthew Quick, writer/director David O. Russell has crafted a masterfully cloudy romantic comedy, with a stellar cast.  Lawrence won an Academy Award for her no-holds-barred characterization, and Weaver does a complete 180 from her unnerving turn in 2010′s Animal Kingdom.  Cooper is a revelation, turning in a truly “who-knew-he-could-act-like-that?” performance.

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