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The Perfect Ghost


The ghost in The Perfect Ghost, by Linda Barnes, is not a white-draped spook or a chain-clanging ghoul.  The ghost is a shy agoraphobe named Em Moore, meek and mousy, almost invisible, half of a successful ghost-writing team.  When her partner Teddy is killed in a suspicious car accident, it is up to Em to complete their project, the  “autobiography” of a famous and charismatic movie director.  Her publisher doubts she can handle the assignment, the director dismisses her as a nobody, but she persists, succeeding in charming the director and winning his trust.  Soon, as she begins an  affair with him, his secrets and the secrets of her dead partner emerge. How reliable a narrator is Em, anyway?  There’s a creepy shock at the end of this suspenseful read, and you won’t want to miss it.



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