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Apologize, Apologize!

In Apologize, Apologize! by Elizabeth Kelly, the  seedy and wildly eccentric Flanagan family of Martha’s Vineyard is a constant trial to young Collie Flanagan, the novel’s narrator.  His mother, heiress to an extravagant fortune, inexplicably hates him, and his charming and dissolute father can’t be relied on for anything.  His impish brother, Bing, is an incorrigibly wild, magnetic and fearless boy, everything that Collie is not.  Collie’s skeptical, long-suffering voice is just one of the many pleasures in this book.  When a terrible tragedy breaks the family apart, Collie has to find a way to go on, to forgive and be forgiven.  It’s a funny, sad, and delightful book. 


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