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A Fond Farewell


When Friends came to an end in 2004, I wondered how any other sitcom could fill the void left after a decade with that group of irreplaceable pals.  Well, the following year a show called How I Met Your Mother appeared, and it’s come pretty close.  Now, after nine seasons, it’s also coming to a close on March 31st, with a one hour series finale.

As told by Ted Mosby (to his children, in the year 2030), HIMYM is the humorously thorough story of how the hopeless romantic met his wife.  The core players also include: solid-as-a-rock-couple, Marshall and Lily; Barney Stinson, the resident womanizer; Robin Scherbatsky, the perennial object of Ted’s affection (but, as shockingly revealed in the first episode, not the mother).

Just as with Friends, the ensemble grows dear to the heart, and each member is integral.  The flashbacks and flash-forwards are trademark, as are the legen-wait for it-dary catchphrases  and running jokes.  Both witty and tender, this show is about to leave us with another hole to fill.




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