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Congrats to the Poetry Contest Winners!

Thank you to everyone who participated in this year’s poetry contest in honor of National Poetry Month!  The winners are:


1st place: Suzanne Bronson for “Keys”

2nd place: Cheryl Barker for “Candle”

3rd place: Janice Ferguson for “Dove Interrupted”


Keys by Suzanne Bronson


There is an angry soundtrack in

the short, bitten metal -

either a rasp against new car

paint or the scraping of

carelessly pocketed lenses.


“Don’t forget your keys”

And there is comfort in that

muted metal sound

shimmying the lock,

the placement of home.


These jiggling little triggers

are never quite smooth.

Candle by Cheryl Barker


One single candle

shines alone

Like a silent sentinel

in an empty room

Casting its light

towards a blackened world

Waiting for a breath

of wind

To quench the flame

and draw the dark

Dove Interrupted by Janice Ferguson


Dove window imprint

Wings wide in flight

Grounded listless form


Moments ago pecking thistle

Left by hyperactive finches

Took wing and flew into solid sky


No doves heard the morning after

Only turtle dove mate

Mourning, cooing and keening absent love


Windows of our lives, not always open

Our illusions like the dead dove

Leave traces of shadowy silhouette

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