Self-publishing: One Author’s Journey on April 10

Miriam Burden is a local writer and artist who has recently released a self-published graphic novel. She will discuss resources and options for aspiring writers and talk about her experience as a self-published graphic novel author. The event will take place on Monday, April 10 at 6:00 p.m. at the Central Library Community Room. Her […]

Museum Passes Now Available for Checkout

Family passes for the Museums of Western Colorado are now available for check out at Mesa County Libraries. The passes can be checked out for a week at a time to visit the Downtown Museum, Dinosaur Journey, and Cross Orchards. Learn more about the different museum locations here. Family museum passes allow entrance of up […]

The Last Chance Mine

In the 1890’s there were several copper mines operating in southwestern Colorado. Some of the abandoned mines are located within easy driving distance from Grand Junction. The Last Chance Mine was one of those sites. The operation was an example of hard rock mining, which is the process of extracting hard minerals like copper, zinc, […]

Are You Curious About Fantasy Football?

Do you have questions about fantasy football that you’ve always wanted to ask? Come to a presentation on the basics of fantasy sports on Wednesday, October 19 at 5:30 PM in the Mesa Community Room. This presentation is not intended to offer advice on how to play. It is only intended to help explain the social […]

Children’s Story Time in 1939

In 1939 the Grand Junction Public Library was located at 5th and White. The children’s center had been recently remodeled and the youngsters who visited were undoubtedly excited to get to use the new area. At least 20 children regularly attended story time which was usually followed by a snack and crafts. It is now […]

Local History Book Review – Uranium: Where It Is and How to Find it

Paul Dean Proctor’s book Uranium: Where It Is and How to Find it was published in 1954. During this time a uranium mining boom was taking place in the western United States and Mesa County was a hub for that industry. Several uranium mills operated in our region and the Atomic Energy Commission was headquartered […]

Antoine Robidoux’s Travel Log Entry

On November 13, 1837 Antoine Robidoux would have been traveling near the border of Utah and Colorado. There was a good chance that he was transporting trade goods between one of the trading posts that he established in the region. One of those trading posts was Fort Uncompahgre, which was located outside of what is […]

Mining History in Mesa County

Agriculture was the original economic backbone in Grand Junction but the discovery of mineral resources in the area would quickly make an impact. Deposits of coal, copper, radium, vanadium, and uranium were discovered and mined for decades in the region. In 1888 commercial coal mining began and numerous coal mines were in operation in the […]

Grand Valley Orchards in the 19th Century

Western Colorado is known for fruit production, especially in the area of Palisade. In the past there were a variety of orchards spread throughout our region. Once the land was irrigated agriculture picked up quickly and by 1892 there were quite a few fruit growers in the valley. Peach, apricot, apple, and cherry trees were plentiful […]

The Uintah Railway

In the late 1890’s and early 1900’s mining was an important part of the economy of the western United States. Several coal mines operated in the Grand Valley and western Colorado’s role in the mining industry was just beginning to emerge. During this time in Eastern Utah a rare mineral called Gilsonite was being mined. […]