Road Trip! 50 Great American Places by Brent D. Glass

If you are a road tripper who always wants to stop at historical markers, you must read 50 Great American Places by Brent D. Glass.  Mr Glass is the Director Emeritus of the Smithsonian National Museum of American History, colloquially known as America’s Attic.  His book is more than a list of travel destinations.  Rather, […]

Haunting Cold War novel

It’s London, the sixties, Cold War paranoia is at its peak. Who is spying for the enemy? Who are the innocent bystanders? In Exposure by Helen Dunmore, no one is quite who they seem as Giles Holloway and Simon Callington, long-time friends and colleagues working for the Admiralty, tragically find out. A misstep in his […]

The Do-Right

In The Do-Right, by Lisa Sandlin, it’s  1973 in Beaumont, Texas, and Delpha Wade is out of prison after 14 years.  She was in because she killed one of  the men who was raping her. She’d have killed the other one, too, but he got away.  She’s out now, and all she needs is a quiet […]

The cover of The Road to Little Dribbling by Bill Bryson

Happy Early May Bank Holiday for Anglophiles and walkers!

Early May Bank Holiday, which falls on May 2nd this year, kicks off the start of the summer season in England.  Timed to coincide with the more traditional May Day, it is a day for Britons to head outdoors.  To help you celebrate vicariously, we offer three books about walking in England.  The first is […]

Remembering Prince

The first 4 months of 2016 have not been very forgiving to music fans.  After losing legends David Bowie, Phife, Glenn Frey and Merle Haggard, we got news of Prince’s death last week. In addition to his many albums, and of course, the semi-autobiographical movie Purple Rain, below are some nonfiction picks if you’d like […]

Happy birthday, Beverly Cleary!

Did you know that today is my favorite children’s author Beverly Cleary’s 100th birthday? Famous and beloved for her Beezus and Ramona (and Henry Huggins and Ribsy) books, Cleary wrote about real kids and their everyday lives and struggles with a comic touch.  Never preachy, always lively and engaging, she wanted to write about ordinary […]

Everything She Forgot

In Everything She Forgot, Margaret Holloway’s life is literally cracked up when she is in a multi-car pileup one winter evening.  Trapped in her burning car, she is rescued by a disfigured man who breaks the window and pulls her out of the car right before it explodes.  Although she is not hurt seriously, the […]

Author Spotlight: Emma Virján

 Author Spotlight: Emma Virján   Emma Virján is a wonderful author who writes wonderful books and has a wonderful personality to match (not to mention a wonderfully red, big wig). Around the middle of March, 2016 she took some time to talk to me about her character named Pig as well as herself. Here’s what I […]


Traditionally known for his Scottish mystery series, award-winning Peter May’s latest, Runaway, is a standalone, a superbly executed story of five friends who have to relive the past in order to resolve their regrets and guilt. In 1965, Jack Mackay is a headstrong 17-year-old, ready to leave his unhappy life in Glasgow, Scotland, with his […]

Learn from Elephant and Piggie

Grown ups are always wondering what the moral of the story is. I didn’t even know what “moral of the story” meant until I asked a librarian the other day. It means the lesson that you learn from a story. Since I love Mo Willems‘ Elephant & Piggie books, I thought I would share with you some […]