Picture Book of the Week: Outstanding in the rain

An oronym is a set of words or a phrase that sound exactly like another set of words or a phrase, such as “ice cream” and “I scream.” The picture book of this week, Outstanding in the Rain, is not only full of fun oronyms, but the pages also have holes that peek through to the […]


Summer reading lists

Apparently, readers need a lot of help in the summer. Everyone and their dog publishes  “beach-reads lists” ; I ask you: who’s got a beach around here? How about “books to read when people insist you go with them when they fish”? “Books to read instead of going to the gym like you’re supposed to, […]

SYNC poster_no dates 2015-mar16

YA Audiobook pairs

Looking for a few good audiobooks to get you through your next big trip? Have you heard about SYNC? It’s a free summer audiobook program for young adults. For the next 6 weeks SYNC will give away two complete audiobook downloads a week – a current young adult title along with a thematically paired classic or […]

This is Sadie

Picture Book of the Week: This is Sadie

This is Sadie. Sadie has a great imagination – her past adventures include being a mermaid under the sea, a boy raised by wolves, the Mad Hatter during a tea party, and much more. Sometimes, Sadie has wings, and other times, Sadie travels in a boat made out of a cardboard box – the sky’s the limit as […]

tea with grandpa

Picture book of the week: Tea with Grandpa

Do you have a loved one that’s far away? You may enjoy sharing this week’s picture book, Tea With Grandpa, with them next time you have the chance! A little girl and her grandpa share a daily tea time ritual. At the end of the story, we learn that all the fun they have had […]


Picture Book of the Week: Juneteenth for Mazie

This Friday, June 19th, is the 150th anniversary of Juneteenth – the day in 1865 that soldiers arrived in Galveston, Texas, to announce the end of the Civil War and slavery. Though the Emancipation Proclamation was made effective two and a half years before this date, it had not successfully be enforced throughout all of the United […]

Cover Life from Scratch

Life From Scratch

I came for the food; I stayed for the story. Sasha Martin’s book begins with the remembrance of life with her brother and eccentric mother. After her mother lost her investments, life in a low-income and unconventional home was both rough and imaginative. As a result of their mother’s ways, Martin and her brother spent […]

in a village

Picture book of the week: In a Village by the Sea

This week’s featured picture book is a new title that’s sure to become a classic, Muon Van’s In a Village by the Sea. This circular tale set in a Vietnamese village is short, sweet and simple enough to read to the littlest of book lovers, but the absolutely beautiful illustrations by April Chu will keep all ages […]

Etta and Otto

Etta and Otto and Russell and James

You know when you see something on Facebook that you really enjoy and you think you should mark in some way, but you don’t? Now I am sorry that I didn’t. A year or so ago a word floated around, a word to capture the feeling once you finish a book that you enjoyed so […]


Book Review – Strangers and Beggars by James Van Pelt

Local author James Van Pelt is a man of many talents. He has written a variety of short story collections and novels in addition to teaching English in Mesa County schools and at Colorado Mesa University. His short story “The Last of the O-Forms” was a Nebula Award finalist in 2002.  His works have been […]