Marvel and a Wonder

In 1995, the fading farm town of Mount Holly, Indiana, has an air of mourning. Shops are empty. Factory farms have muscled out people like Jim Falls, a struggling chicken farmer. A Korean-War veteran with old age ailments, he fights to survive each day while raising his biracial teenage grandson Quentin. With an off-putting weirdness, […]

Drum Dream Girl

Picture book of the week: Drum Dream Girl

On an island of music, the Drum Dream Girl imagines playing the drums – but she is told over and over again that only boys can play. Drum Dream Girl hears the rhythm wherever she goes and taps along, until finally her music is heard in public and celebrated by all. Margarita Engle’s Drum Dream Girl […]

unicorn thinks

Picture book of the week: Unicorn Thinks He’s Pretty Great

A goat with good dance moves and decent enough marshmallow square-making-abilities is filled with envy when Unicorn enters the scene. What’s so great about making rainbow cupcakes, turning things into gold, and flying? Bob Shea’s Unicorn Thinks He’s Pretty Great tells the tale of a jealous goat who learns that he has some pretty impressive traits […]


Picture book of the week: My Cousin Momo

Momo is a flying squirrel, and his cousins are excited for him to come visit. But when Momo comes into town, his cousins soon realize he isn’t quite what they were expecting. Momo is shy, he dresses differently, and his idea of pretending to be a superhero is wearing a giant muffin costume! Momo’s cousins are frustrated […]


Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki and His Years of Pilgrimage by Haruki Murakami

After Tsukuru Tazaki is rejected by his four best friends without explanation, an unfulfilled wish to die dominates his early adulthood. He moves through life broken and unable to truly connect with others. Gradually, he builds a life around his one true love: the building of train stations. Through this life, he meets a woman […]

New small person

Picture book of the week: The New Small Person

Elmore Green is a happy only child – he enjoys lining his things up and not having them moved, watching whatever he wants on television, and eating orange jelly beans. One day, however, a new small person arrives on the scene, and everything changes. Elmore doesn’t like sharing attention or play things with the new […]

Good home for max

Picture book of the week: A Good Home for Max

In a small shop, a mouse named Tabi spends each night straightening up and taking care of his little store filled with candy and stuffed animals who are waiting for new homes. When Tabi notices that his animal friend, Max, is still in the store night after night, he helps his pal put his best paw […]


Picture Book of the Week: Under the Pig Tree

Are you looking for a great introduction to the history of pigs? Well, this week’s picture book is the wrong place to start. Margie Palatini’s Under A Pig Tree: A History of the Noble Fruit is supposed to be about figs, but an unfortunate mishap from the publisher changes all of the Fs into Ps, […]

Edmund unravels

Picture book of the week: Edmund Unravels

Summer break may be coming to a close and school lurks just around the corner, but those with traveling on the brain will appreciate the adventures of Edmund Loom, a rambunctious ball of yarn who is out to see the sights that the world has to offer. Edmund Unravels, by Andrew Kolb, is the story of a […]


Picture book of the week: Rude Cakes

Rude cakes never say please, or thank you, or listen to their parents – but this rude cake is about to learn his lesson when he doesn’t get his way! This week’s picture book, Rude Cakes by Rowboat Watkins, shares the story of one such dessert who inconsiderate actions leave donut holes and marshmallows feeling […]