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I hope you’ve been able to come to Kids Club some time this summer. We’ve had a blast so far! Every Wednesday from 2:00 – 4:00, children between the ages 7-11 can experience all types of fun activities.

We started this summer with ladies from Japan teaching us how to do some origami figures. Then, the Math and Science Center conducted experiments with us, and the next week, an artist showed us how to draw animals from around the world. We’ve also pretended to fly to Africa, Europe, and Australia, and sing, dance, and listen to stories once we reached those destinations. Last week, we traveled to Egypt, writing hieroglyphic symbols on necklaces and turning ourselves into mummies. And this week, we had special guest, teen and children’s author, Laura Resau, talk about the inspirations for her books. She also read passages from her novels The Star in the Forest and What the Moon Saw.

I recommend coming to Kids Club the next two weeks. The “Monkey Face” puppet show is on July 20th, and for our summer reading finale party on July 27, Yo-Yo Man, Aman Tice will be demonstrating his amazing skills.

Enjoy the pictures!
Bye for now.


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