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Teen books of 2013!

I am super excited about 2013 and the new teen books that will hit the shelves!  I have scoured Goodreads and Barnes & Noble to tell you about my top ten, most anticipated books for the new year… (in random order)

  • Dark Triumph by R.L. LaFevers- This is the second book in the His Fair Assassin Series.  Book one, Grave Mercy, was so amazing that I read the book and listened to the audio version.  Needless to say, I am thrilled about Dark Triumph’s release in April!
  • Hurt by Tabitha Suzuma- The best book I ever read was Forbidden by Tabitha Suzuma, so when I saw that she has a new book coming out, I had to put it on my list.  In her past book, she wrote about a really sensitive, taboo topic, but made the situation so realistic that it brought tears to my eyes.  I am guessing her next book will be another tear-jerker.  Apparently, this book deals with a swimmer that has tried to commit suicide because of something tragic that he cannot remember.  Sounds super deep, right?  This book will hit the shelves in September, which feels soooo far away:(
  • Dear Life, You Suck by Scott Blagden- This debut author has written a contemporary novel about an orphan boy, and apparently his life sucks.  The review makes this book sound very comical, especially for those who enjoy crude, boy humor.  Personally, I am always up for a good laugh and a fun, contemporary novel.  Look for this book in March!
  • Icons by Margaret Stohl- She co-authored Beautiful Creatures, which will soon be released on the big screen.  I am hopeful this new series that she has created on her own will be amazing as well.  It seems futuristic and dystopian with a strong female character.  It also doesn’t hurt that this book has a cool cover.  It is set to be released in May.
  • Inventor’s Secret by Andrea Cremer- Steampunk series – well count me in!  Also, it must be mentioned that this author wrote the Nightshade series, which I thoroughly enjoyed.  Therefore, it stands to reason that I will enjoy her new series as well.  Sadly, the exact publishing month is vague.  Hopefully, we see it on the shelves soon!
  • Out of the Easy by Ruta Sepetys- I wouldn’t be true to myself if there wasn’t at least one historical fiction book on this list. Ruta Sepetys had great success with her teen book Between Shades of Gray, so I have high hopes for her newest title that takes place in 1950 New Orleans.  Did I mention the great cover?  Look for this book on February 14th!
  • Crown of Midnight by Sarah Maas- This is the sequel to Throne of Glass, which I completely loved, so I am super pumped about this new book.  It looks like it takes place immediately after the first book, and if it is similar to Throne of Glass, it will include action, fantasy, romance, and adventure!  However, fans will have to wait until August for this story (total bummer).
  • In the Shadow of Blackbirds by Cat Winters- This book comes out in April, and I cannot wait to read it.  The description says that the story, set in 1918, even features old black and white photos.  These spooky photos will be scattered throughout the book to help tell the story of a girl living in the time of seances and wandering spirits.  Yay!  I adore good ghost stories!
  • Strands of Bronze and Gold by Jane Nickerson- Another historical fiction title!  I am super bad about being drawn to the same sorts of books.  What can you expect from a person with a bachelor’s in history?  Anyway, this book is something that I have been dying to read.  In fact, I tried to get my hands on a preview copy recently, but totally failed.  It is a retelling of Bluebeard set during the Civil War.  Sounds awesome right?  Well, both you and I will have to wait until mid-March to read it.
  • The Living by Matt de la Pena- Mr. de la Pena is a fantastic author, so I am pretty dang excited to find that he has a new book coming out in 2013.  His past books have been more contemporary in nature, but this new one could be futuristic/dystopian.  I will be the first to admit that my list leans towards the feminine persuasion, but I am happy to end the list with this book, which will draw in fans from both sexes.  The exact release date is not available, but look for this title in 2013!


It was crazy hard to limit this list to ten.  Although, I am pumped there are so many new and amazing books that will hit the shelves in 2013.  As these books are released, I will give you some feedback about their ability to live up to their expectations.

Time will tell!


Teen Librarian

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One Response to Teen books of 2013!

  1. By fwaith waltman, February 24, 2013 at 7:51 pm

    i highly recomend the book the friday society for any one who like a fair mix of action mystery and just a tiney toch of romance it is exciting and totaly fun

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