Small Business: Connecting With Your Community

Maybe you are an artist, musician or web designer. Maybe you are just dreaming of getting started in your career. Whatever your small business dream, you will likely need to promote and connect with people on Facebook, Instagram, Etsy, Twitter, and other social media. You will also want to network locally.

Lynda, a database offered by Mesa County Libraries, offers dozens of courses on marketing alone, not to mention sales and promotion. One such course, Super Fans, charts a new business model for musicians using social media promotion and fan connection as income generators, in place of reliance on indie and major labels (a short video filmed with musicians at Austin’s South by Southwest music festival introduces these concepts). The course advocates reaching out to current and potential supporters, listening to them, and responding and staying connected in order to grow a business/fan base. The direct-to-fan platform can be used for all small businesses. To access this and other Lynda courses, you only need your library card.

With a library card you can also:

  • Create a promotional video or jingle for free at the 970West Studio.
  • Network and get inspired at Factory co-working space.

Written by Julie Burke








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