Video Game Review: Greedfall

Greedfall is an action, role-playing game set in a 17th Century world where magic and monsters exist. You play as De Sardet, a diplomat searching for a cure for a debilitating plague called Malichor. De Sardet and his/her cousin are sent to an island to find and develop a treatment. There are multiple outcomes for […]

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Picture of a town from Octopath Traveler Video Game

Video Game Review: Octopath Traveler

“The game has eight unique and wonderful stories to be explored in a beautiful environment. The unique combat system differentiates it from the other JRPG’s out there, and the art style is stunning to look at. Definitely give it a try to see whose story you like most! 9/10 can’t wait for my seventh playthrough.” […]

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Batman Waiting for Joker

Video Game Review: Batman Return to Arkham

  “You get to play as Batman. ‘Nuff said.” – Sean Central Branch Batman: Return to Arkham is a real treasure trove revealing two beloved Batman games, Arkham Asylum and Arkham City, remastered and complete with all DLC packs. The Batman games are the epitome of third-person action superhero games. You use Batman’s detective skills, stealth, and […]

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Photo of Alexios from Assassins Creed Odyssey

Video Game Review: Assassin’s Creed Odyssey

Assassin’s Creed is a series of games centered around two ancient fictional organizations, the Templars and Assassins. Odyssey takes place in Ancient Greece circa 431 BC. In the previous game, Assassins Creed Origins, we met Layla Hassan. Layla is a young scientist working with the assassins to overthrow the Templars in modern times. Through her, […]

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Kitchen scene from Overcooked 2 Video Game

Video Game Review: Overcooked 2

“Fantastic party game that will have you and your friends laughing constantly.  Even if you are playing the game solo, it is a blast and a half. 8/10 more addictive than Candy Crush.” – John Orchard Mesa Branch “Overcooked 2 has the feel of a mobile game with the story elements of a great console […]

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Portrait of Spider-man from Video Game

Video Game Review: Marvel’s Spider-Man

  Marvel’s Spider-Man is an open-world adventure game where you play as a twenty-something Peter Parker as he battles the crime lord, Mr. Negative. Just like the time-honored comics, Peter struggles to balance his work and home life. Being there for Aunt May and rekindling a relationship with Mary Jane proves to be difficult when […]

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screenshot from talos project video game

Video Game Review: Talos Principle

Talos Principle is a first-person puzzle game set in a profound metaphysical world. You play as an AI, led by an omniscient being named Elohim. He directs you to explore the environments he created and collect sigils that act as keys for opening new landscapes. Everything seems straightforward until you come in contact with the […]

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