Western Slope Fruit Farmers

Local History Thursday: The Infamous Codling Moth

About 100 years ago, a winged monster frequently roamed the Grand Valley region. The flying terror seemed to sniff out farmers who were living happily off the land, growing apple and pear orchards. It would swoop in and wipe out once-flourishing crops in what felt like no time.  The apples and pears were feasted upon […]

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Local History Thursday: The Handy Chapel

“The mission of Handy Chapel has been and continues to be a beacon of helping with the spiritual, social and economic needs of all our fellow man.” – Josephine Dickey Nestled on the corner of 2nd Street and Grand Avenue in Grand Junction, Colorado lies the Handy Chapel, an important structural piece of Mesa County’s […]

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Christmas Camel Ride

Local History Thursday: Holiday Traditions

The scramble to prepare for the big winter holiday season started weeks ago.  There have been moments of joy while visiting with relatives and loved ones, or finding that perfect gift for your kiddo.  Then there’s moments of stress when realizing the strings of Christmas lights you’ve spent hours draping over your roof won’t turn […]

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