Local History Thursday: The Grand Junction Air Show

This past weekend, the Grand Junction Regional Airport in Colorado and West Star Aviation hosted a spectacular air show featuring the U.S. Navy Blue Angels.  The crowds looked on in awe as the experienced flyers executed great skill and performed exciting stunts over the Grand Valley region.  I feel accomplished when I parallel park my […]

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Local History Thursday: Battle of the Newspaper Men

Walter Walker was a popular and influential man during early 1900’s Mesa County.  He was most famously known for his ownership of the Daily Sentinel newspaper in Grand Junction, Colorado, which he bought in 1911 and ran until his death in 1956. He was also a huge player in the political scene: a staunch Democratic, […]

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Western Slope Fruit Farmers

Local History Thursday: The Infamous Codling Moth

About 100 years ago, a winged monster frequently roamed the Grand Valley region. The flying terror seemed to sniff out farmers who were living happily off the land, growing apple and pear orchards. It would swoop in and wipe out once-flourishing crops in what felt like no time.  The apples and pears were feasted upon […]

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