Ike R.

Voted most likely to get lost at a local mining camp

Voted most likely to get lost at a local mining camp

Most of the fiction that I read is either sci-fi or speculative fiction. I also enjoy reading graphic novels. As far as non-fiction goes I enjoy books about history, science, wildlife, and sociology. I really like reading about the history of our region or the state of Colorado.

Some of my favorite authors include Carl Sagan, Frank Herbert, Philip K. Dick, Italo Calvino, Harlan Ellison, and Ray Bradbury.

In my free time I enjoy riding my bike, cooking, listening to music, hiking, sports, and exploring the less-visited areas in our region. Mining history and local archaeology are particular interests of mine.


My Reading Lists

Science Fiction
Western Colorado History
Graphic Novels
Places of Historical Interest in Western Colorado
Colorado Ghost Towns
Famous People in Western Colorado History
Colorado History
The Ute People
Famous People in Colorado History
Uranium Mining
Colorado Archaeology

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