Janet A.

Voted most likely to stay up too late reading

Voted most likely to stay up too late reading

Working at the library has honed my lifelong bookworm tendencies-and I want everyone to be a bookworm. Finding a great book to read is a wonderful thing and it’s why I keep checking out tall, teetering stacks of library books every week. Some of my favorites: girl-on-the-run thrillers, crime fiction involving hapless schmucks, sassy Southern-lady fiction, grisly Victorian mysteries, and big-city noir, especially L.A. noir. Nonfiction that I like: survival and adventure stories, Arctic preferred, dysfunctional family memoirs, history, biographies, and rural-living misadventure memoirs.

When I’m not pinned under a pile of books, unable to get up, I’m picking up dog toys, knitting and sewing, and smashing the patriarchy.

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