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My sister and I still laugh about the one time she seriously hurt my feelings by calling me Captain O.G. Readmore, “the reading kind of cat!” when I chose reading over playing with her and our cousins. I’ll now take the compliment. My first experience working in a library was in third grade. I love walking through the library with the awareness that it truly is my second home.

I have a difficult time pinning down my reading likes beyond “literary fiction” and “a variety of non-fiction.” I appreciate well-crafted descriptions, metaphors, similes and symbolism. I want stories that make me think and are heart-felt. I am introspective and love to learn in formal and informal settings.

I love the stories, language, culture and history that often appear in Russian and Jewish literature. Though I usually consider myself a realist, I often enjoy books with a touch of magical realism. I am usually drawn to books that would be classified as spiritual, religious, or philosophical. Memoirs, true stories of intrigue, and some histories also catch my interest. Knitting is one of my most time-consuming hobbies and I wish I took more time to cook and bake; those books also pile up around me.

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