Comic Con

Thanks to everyone who helped make Comic Con 2023 a huge success!  We'll see you next year!


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Expo Hall

Local and regional artists, crafters, authors and shops will be displaying and selling original artwork from all of your favorite fandoms. Don’t forget to bring extra spending money to get yourself or someone you love something special while supporting our local artists.

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Only exhibitors with products and/or services relating to comic books, comic art, pop culture, science fiction, fantasy, anime, books, graphic novels, and movies are eligible to exhibit. No adult materials may be displayed or sold, as this is a family event.

All Exhibitor space for Comic Con 2023 is full.

Please email with any questions.

2023 Comic Con Panels

10:30 a.m. - Western Slope Movie Magic  (1 hour)

Local filmmakers, Hank Braxtan, Evan Curtis, and Tycho Wade will share clips from their latest monster / sci fi / horror movies (Farway Canyon and Cinemortal) and answer questions from the audience. Learn about the filmmaking process and find out how you can get involved.  (Ages: teen - adult)

11 a.m. - Learn to Play Dungeons & Dragons (2 hours)

Come learn to play D&D in a fun, welcoming, and instructive atmosphere. Be creative, have fun, and tell a story together! D&D is a Role Playing Game where a group of players collectively attempt to accomplish a series of goals by use of skill, wit, and a little luck (roll of the dice). Learn by doing! We will provide all the materials you need and give you the opportunity to learn as you play. Your Dungeon Master will guide you along the way. (Ages:  Teens & Adults)

Noon - LGBTQIA+ in Media and Pop Culture (1 hr.)

Join us once again for our annual dive into LGBTQIA+ representation throughout pop culture. We'll discuss what we love, don't love, and the impact media has on the community. Our panel will consist of: Mary Carman. (She/them) illustrator, owner of Sapphic Witch Studios, Comedian; Caleb Ferganchick (he/they) community organizer, poet, and former Mesa County Libraries Artist in Residence; Emilie Stickley, she/her, Comedian/Co-Founder of Joke Junction; Xavier Saenz aka Xavi Van Dyke, (He/him/él) Drag artist and Founder of Delta Pride; and Shawn Clingman, (he/him) Actor, author, and teacher. (Ages: Teen and Adult).

1:30 pm. - Superhero Talk (1 hour)

Join our friends from the Martial Arts Research Systems for a panel to inspire your inner superhero! In this panel for kids and teens, martial arts instructors will talk about the power of doing the right thing and learning self defense. As you know, with great power comes great responsibility!  (Ages: Kids - teens)

2 p.m. - Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach Ruin (1 hour)

Returning to Comic Con after their standing room only panels in 2021 and 2022, our Five Nights at Freddy’s crew is coming back to Comic Con 2023!  This local cosplay group brings lots of energy and opportunities for audience participation through games and a question & answer session as they share their love of FNAF with the community. (Ages: All ages)

3 p.m. - Dream and George Fan Meetup (1 hour)

Are you a fan of the Minecraft survival multiplayer (SMP) Dream? Maybe you’ve enjoyed watching Dream and GeorgeNotFound on TikTok or YouTube. These gamers have gained a fan following big enough to make it to Comic Con, and in this panel, Dream and George Fans will meet up to talk about Dream SMP, delving into the origins and growth in popularity of this gaming phenomenon. Our expert Dream and George panelists will answer questions and hand out stickers for audience participation.  (Ages: tweens & up)

3:30 p.m. - 501st Legion Q & A session (1 hour)

Returning to Comic Con 2023 is the 501st Legion, an international organization of Star Wars cosplayers who take the art form to a professional level with screen-accurate costumes, including fleets of stormtroopers and Darth Vadar himself! Our local 501st Legion will be answering questions about creating these intricate costumes and the process of joining the group for anyone who is interested in becoming part of this fun and talented group.  (Ages: All ages)

4:30 p.m. - Choose Your Own Adventure: Authors’ Q & A

Have you ever wondered how your favorite writers authors create characters, dialogue, even whole worlds out of their imagination? Are you a writer with questions about getting your work published? Do you want to know what other writers read for inspiration? Then join us for this insightful panel with six Comic Con authors of everything from graphic novels to urban fantasy to science fiction and everything in between!  (Ages: Teen and Adult)

Cosplay Contests

Back by popular demand there will be four Cosplay contests, Kids, Teens, Adults and Groups will show their stuff for fabulous prizes. Contestants may wear costumes of any kind as long as they conform to the Rules of Cosplay. Start planning your Amazing cosplay now.

Kids Cosplay Contest: 10:30 a.m.
Group Cosplay Contest: 12:30 p.m.
Adult Cosplay Contest: 2:30 p.m.
Teen Cosplay Contest: 4:30 p.m.


Registration will take place on the south entrance to the breezeway 30 minutes before each contest. The first 100 cosplayers to arrive for registration in each age group will be entered in their respective contests. The first 20 groups to arrive for registration in the Group Cosplay Contest will be entered. Pre-registration is not available.


Judging will be by library staff, volunteers, costume professionals, and community artists will evaluate contestants on the following criteria: creativity/originality, craftsmanship/technique, and stage presence/personality.


Prizes for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place in each age category and the Group Contest will be awarded shortly after each contest. Prizes will include toys, board games and gift cards with a more detailed list coming soon.

Kids Prizes

1st- $25 Bananas Fun Park Gift Card and $25 Picture Show Gift Card
2nd- Fly Orb Toy
3rd- Squid Squishmallow

Teen Prizes

1st- HP Sprocket Photo Printer + 20 ct. Photo Sticker Paper
2nd- Squishy Seal Plushie
3rd- $25 Barnes and Noble Gift Card

Adult Prizes

1st- $75 Downtown Grand Junction Gift Card
2nd- $40 Downtown Grand Junction Gift Card
3rd- $25 Picture Show Gift Card

Group Prizes

1st- Chronicles of Crime Board Game
2nd- Wavelength Board Game
3rd- Anomia Board Game

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Game Tournament

There will be a friendly competitive tournament of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, where participants will compete through one on one match-ups and battle for the top prizes! To qualify for the tournament there will be a preliminary tournament held at Mesa County Libraries' Central Library in the community rooms three weeks before Comic Con on August 26. And then the top 16 qualifiers will be entered into the main tournament that will be held at the Two Rivers Convention Center on the day of The Mesa County Libraries Comic Con. View rules for the preliminaries and the tournament. Please bring your own controllers, few will be provided. Register for the tournament.

Cosplay Etiquette

Whether you’re a first-time convention-goer or a veteran cosplayer, you’re going to have a good time. To make that happen, here are a few etiquette tips for enjoying the multitude of costumed players who will be at the con.

Personal Hygiene

It can get sweaty fast in a packed convention hall, especially in a bulky costume. Don’t forget to put on deodorant before you put on the rest of your cosplay!


Always ask permission before taking photos or videos of other cosplayers and respect their right to say no.

Ask First

Cosplay is never consent. Always ask first to hug or pose with someone, and never touch them without their permission.

Keep it Smart

If you’re cosplaying, remember that you’re representing a character loved and looked up to by fans. Keep it classy, and don’t do or say anything that might tarnish their image of that character.

Respect the Artists

Don’t monopolize the guest artists’ time, and remember that other people want to speak to them too. Keep it brief, keep it respectful, and look but don’t touch when you’re at a booth.


Every cosplayer puts time and effort into their work. Never pick up or handle their props without their permission.


If your cosplay involves a weapon or prop, make sure it’s been cleared with security first (please read and observe the Comic Con Rules for Cosplay. They will be strictly enforced!). Be safe, and be aware of your surroundings before brandishing or posing with your weapon or prop.

Take it Easy

If you’re cosplaying, don’t forget to take breaks to rest and stay hydrated. It’s easy to get worn down quickly, especially in a heavy costume!

Keep it PG13

Mesa County Libraries Comic Con is a family-friendly event. Please use common sense, be considerate of other attendees, and be aware of your surroundings.


Lastly, and most importantly, enjoy Comic Con and have a great time!

Comic Con FAQs

What is Comic Con?

Mesa County Libraries Comic Con is a fun, free, family-friendly event that brings together fans and creators, old and young in celebrating the importance of stories and fandoms that connect us and enrich our lives. Since our first Comic Con in spring 2015, this highly anticipated event has quickly grown to attract more than 5,000 attendees from across the Western Slope. Highlighting graphic literature, sequential art, and comics as a literary medium, Comic Con includes an Expo Hall featuring local and regional artists, authors, cosplayers, crafters, and media creators. Panel presentations give attendees an opportunity to deep dive into topics of interest; fandom meetups provide opportunities to discuss favorite characters and meet others with similar passions; and everyone can take part in cosplay, photo ops, and cosplay contests.

What is cosplay?

Literally "Costume Play"-- dressing up and pretending to be a fictional character (usually a sci-fi, comic book, fantasy, or anime character).

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