Study Rooms

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Please note: Study Rooms and Community Rooms are unavailable until further notice.

Available Study Rooms (small groups)

To book a larger space, please see our Community Meeting Rooms page


Study Room Reservation Process

  • Can be booked up to 7 days in advance for 2 hours max per day
  • Before reserving a room, please read the Guidelines for Use of Study Rooms
  • Click on the library name below to book a room online OR
  • Call or visit any of our Branch locations where you wish to make a room reservation
  • NOTE:  Guest users must be physically present with photo identification to book a study room and can only make a reservation for same-day use


Central Library – book online

443 N. 6th Street

Grand Junction, CO 81501


  • Room Capacities:
    • Room A = 4 (downstairs)
    • Room B = 10 (downstairs)
    • Idea Lab (Room C) = 10 (downstairs)
    • Room D = 4 (downstairs)
    • Room E = 6 (downstairs)
    • Room F = 4 (upstairs) (can only be booked for same-day use and not bookable online) To book Study Room F, please visit the nonfiction Information Desk.
  • All Central library study rooms have a whiteboard.
  • The Idea Lab has a smart TV and can also be booked as a community room if certain criteria are met.


Clifton Branch – book online
Mesa Pointe Shopping Center 590 32 Road, #6F
Clifton, CO 81520

  • Room Capacities:
    • Room 1 = 12, whiteboard, DVD player and television
    • Room 2 = 6, whiteboard


De Beque Branch – book online
730 Minter Avenue
De Beque, CO 81630

  • Capacity is 4-6, includes whiteboard


Fruita Branch – book online
324 N. Coulson
Fruita, CO 81521

  • Room Capacities:
    • Room 1 = Capacity is 4, includes whiteboard
    • Idea Lab (Room 2):
      • Capacity is 20
      • Includes whiteboard
      • Sink and small counter
      • Chairs and tables
      • A projector is available upon request; speak to Fruita staff to confirm availability.
      • This room can also be booked for longer, as a community room, if certain criteria are met.


Orchard Mesa Branch – book online
230 Lynwood Street
Grand Junction, CO 81503

  • Capacity is 12 and also has a TV/DVD player available
  • Includes whiteboard


Palisade Branch – book online
119 W. 3rd Street
Palisade, CO 81526

  • Capacity is 10, includes whiteboard


Guidelines for Use of Study Rooms



  • In scheduling the use of its Study Rooms, the Library may grant priority first to groups and organizations affiliated with the Library
  • Reservations will be considered on a first come, first serve basis
  • Study rooms may be reserved by patrons 11 years or older
  • Reservations for Study Rooms may be made up to seven days in advance
    • NOTE: Guest users must be physically present with photo identification to book a study room and can only make a reservation for same-day use
  • Study Rooms may be reserved for a maximum of two hours per day
  • Study Room reservations will be cancelled if the group or person is not present after a period of 15 minutes


Conditions for Use

  • All Study Room users must abide by the Library Code of Conduct
  • Publicity for events held in library meeting rooms shall not imply endorsement or sponsorship by the library.
  • Non‐alcoholic beverages are permitted in non‐breakable bottles or mugs with secure
  • Light snacks allowed
  • Groups shall not tape, glue, tack, or attach items on walls
  • Groups will be responsible for damage to rooms, equipment, or furnishings beyond normal wear and tear
  • Storage for the property of individuals is not provided before or after the reservation period
  • Lights must remain on in the study rooms at all times


Equipment and Supplies Availability

  • Library Staff will not be available for equipment operation during meetings or programs
  • Supplies such as dry-erase markers, staplers, and tape will not be provided by the Library