Community Table Application

Mesa County Libraries offers a Community Table for Mesa County nonprofit and government organizations for the purpose of providing information about their services, resources, and events to interested library patrons.  Community table space is made available during regular library hours and is limited to designated space only.  Library activities take priority and community table space may be canceled as needed.

Conditions for Use

Representatives of local nonprofit and government entities must observe the following criteria:

  • Agree to be approached by patrons before soliciting services or input.
  • Provide the Community Table and all related services free of charge.
  • Community Tables cannot be used for commercial, religious, or partisan purposes or the solicitation of business.
  • Limit the number of representatives to 2 individuals.
  • Adhere to set dates and times for participation.
  • The representative completing the application must remain present for the event.
  • Reservations will be canceled if the representative is more than 15 minutes late.
  • 2 instances in which representatives are 15 minutes late will result in cancellation of future events.
  • 2 no-shows will result in cancellation of future events.
  • Include time for set-up and clean-up within the reservation time frame.
  • Vacate the Community Table 15 minutes prior to closing.
  • Contain promotional materials to the Community Table.
  • Abide by the Library Code of Conduct.
  • MCL reserves the right to revoke privileges at any time.
  • Representatives may have personal refreshments and beverages with covered lids.

Equipment and Supplies Available

  • The Community Table seats 4 individuals, including representatives and library patrons.
  • The library does not provide any equipment beyond a table, chairs, and signs.
  • Representatives are encouraged to provide promotional materials, contained to the Community Table.

Community Table Reservation Process

  • The Community Table can be reserved for 1 day per month and 2 hours per day, subject to availability and submission of this application.
  • Organizations can reserve the Community Table for 6 months; 6-month extensions can be assessed after each 6-month period.
  • Call the library to inquire about reservations or cancel a reservation in advance: 970-243-4442

Community Table Application

Requested Location(s):(Required)
Organization Physical Address:(Required)
Is Your Organization a Local Nonprofit or Government Organization?(Required)
Primary Contact / Representative Name:(Required)
* MCL considers the organizational representative’s signature to be consent for the entire organization. Any electronic signatures made above by typing Organization’s Representative and names are the same as handwritten signatures for the purposes of validity, enforceability, and admissibility.