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Current Board of Trustees

2017 Officers:

Laurie Tashiro – President, Dean DiDario – Vice President, Cindy Cyphers – Secretary


Elaine Barnett – Trustee, Barry Blanchard – Trustee, Chris Mahre – Trustee, Jean Yale – Trustee

The seven-member Mesa County Libraries Board of Trustees governs the Mesa County Public Library District. The Board of Trustees adopts and oversees the budget, bylaws and policies; conducts long-range planning; and hires and evaluates the library director. Trustees are unpaid volunteers who serve a five-year term, renewable once. Trustees are appointed by the Mesa County Commissioners.

Regularly scheduled board meetings are on the last Thursday of the month at 5:30 p.m. in the Central Library Monument Room, 443 6th Street, Grand Junction, Colorado, unless otherwise noted on the agenda. There is no meeting in November, and the meeting in December is the first Thursday of the month at 5:00 p.m. Time is set aside at each meeting for citizens to be heard. We welcome you to join us at our monthly meetings.

Public Comment Policy:

In order to ensure a fair opportunity for public comment and to allow the Mesa County Libraries Board of Trustees to expedite its scheduled business, the following procedure for public comment is in effect.

  • A public comment period will be provided at all regularly scheduled library board meetings.
  • Citizens of the Mesa County Public Library District may address the board only during the time specified for public comment unless otherwise allowed by motion and approval of a majority of the trustees.
  • Each speaker is limited to three minutes unless otherwise authorized by motion and approval of a majority of the trustees.
  • The official body authorized by law to act on behalf of the Mesa County Public Library District is the Board of Trustees, not individual trustees, administrative staff, or employees. Accordingly,
    • Speakers will address comments to the board and not to individual trustees, administrators, or staff;
    • Trustees will listen to public comments and consider the comments during their deliberations as a board;
    • Trustees will not answer questions or engage in debate during the public comment period;
    • Speakers may be directed to staff or other sources for responses to questions raised during the public comment period.


Board Meeting Schedule | Agendas & Notices | Minutes

2017 Board of Trustees Meeting Schedule

January 19 (Good Governance Committee) | Agenda | Minutes

January 26 (Annual Meeting) | Agenda | Minutes

February 1 (Executive Committee) | Agenda | Minutes

February 23 (Regular Meeting) | Agenda | Minutes

March 13 (Investment Committee) | Agenda | Minutes

March 30 (Regular Meeting) | Agenda | Minutes

April 20 (Good Governance Committee) | Agenda | Minutes

April 27 (Regular Meeting) | Agenda | Minutes

May 25 (Regular Meeting) | Agenda | Minutes

June 22 (Audit Committee) | Agenda | Minutes

June 29 (Regular Meeting) | Agenda | Minutes

July 24 (Executive Committee) | Agenda | Minutes

July 27 (Regular Meeting) | Agenda | Minutes

August 1 (Good Governance Committee) | Agenda | Minutes

August 17 (Personnel Committee) | Agenda | Minutes

August 31 (Regular Meeting) | Agenda | Minutes

September 28 (Regular Meeting) | Agenda | Minutes

October 26 (Good Governance Committee) | Agenda |

October 26 (Regular Meeting) | Agenda |

December 7 (Regular Meeting)

2016 Board of Trustees Meeting Records

January 12 (Good Governance Committee) | Agenda | Minutes

January 18 (Executive Committee) | Agenda | Minutes

January 28 (Annual Meeting) | Agenda | Minutes

February 25 (Regular Meeting) | Agenda | Minutes

March 31 (Regular Meeting) | Agenda | Minutes

April 25 (Finance Committee) | Notice | Minutes

April 28 (Regular Meeting) | Agenda | Minutes

May 26 (Regular Meeting) | Agenda | Minutes

June 16 (Executive Committee) | Notice

June 30 (Regular Meeting) | Agenda | Minutes

July 21 (Personnel Committee) | Notice

July 28 (Regular Meeting) | Agenda | Minutes

August 10 (Good Governance Committee) | Notice | Minutes

August 25 (Regular Meeting) | Agenda | Minutes

September 29 (Regular Meeting) | Agenda | Minutes

October 27 (Good Governance Committee) | Agenda | Minutes

October 27 (Regular Meeting) | Agenda | Minutes

December 1 (Regular Meeting) | Agenda | Minutes

Board meeting archives for all prior years are available for public inspection upon request in the MCPLD administrative office at the Central Library.

Library Reports and Budgets

Annual Audit Report

Annual Budgets

Annual/Mid-Year Reports

Library report archives for prior years are available upon request in the MCPLD administrative office at the Central Library. Additional financial documents are available upon request. Please call Finance Director Laurie Cole with any budget questions: 970-683-2401.

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