Summer Reading

● Read and learn! ● Earn free books! ● Participate in prize drawings! ● Enjoy creative and engaging activities!

Featured Events

Information about 2022 Summer Reading Events to be added next year!

Why is Summer Reading so important for kids?

  • Reading just two to three hours a week during the summer combats summer learning loss. Students who do not read during the summer months can lose up to two months of reading skills. Plus, reading is FUN and fun is good for kids.

When does Summer Reading start/end?

  • Summer Reading 2022 dates will be announced in 2022.

Do I need a library card to participate in Summer Reading?

  • You do not need a library card to sign up for Summer Reading. However, you will need a library card to check out library materials and use electronic resources, so we encourage you to get a library card so you can access all of the resources the library has to offer.

Is there a fee to participate in Summer Reading?

  • No. Summer Reading is available to you at no charge.

Will the library be hosting entertainers this year?

  • Visit our online Event Calendar to  learn more and to find specific links and registration information (if required).

Is Summer Reading for adults too?

  • Yes! Summer Reading is for all ages! Sign up to start earning points for reading and completing other activities.

Why should adults participate in Summer Reading?

  • As we grow older, we tend to read less frequently, but reading benefits our lives in many different ways! Reading...
    • helps us understand complex relationships.

    • grows our capacity for empathy and sympathy.

    • shows us perspectives and experiences that are different from our own.

    • allows us to discover new ways to express ourselves.

    • enhances our self awareness.

How does Summer Reading work?

  • During Summer Reading, you will track your reading and activities online, earning points along the way. No paper log is required! Participating online lets you see the points you’ve earned, collect virtual badges for your accomplishments, and automatically enter prize drawings as you reach milestones throughout the summer! Specially designed Badge Books (ages birth-11) and Reading Journals (ages 12+) will allow you to track your progress on paper while doing fun activities.

Is there a list of books that I have to read?

  • You are completely free to read whatever you want!  Participants can count newspapers, magazines, comics, blog posts, audiobooks, etc. 

How do I sign up for Summer Reading?

  • Visit and select “Register an Individual or Family” to get started. Follow the prompts to create your account. You can also sign up using the BeanStack Tracker App.
    • Click here for a tutorial on how to register via the web.
    • Click here for a tutorial on how to register via the BeanStack app.
  • See this guide for further instructions or call 970-243-4442 for assistance.

What is BeanStack?

  • BeanStack is our web-based Summer Reading program management software. It allows you to track your reading and activities, write and read book reviews from your peers, earn online badges, and automatically be entered into drawings for which you are eligible.

What is an individual account vs a family account?

  • An individual account would be for a reader who is only registering themselves for the program. If you are registering multiple people in your household, and would like to manage all of those accounts using one login, then you can create a family account. This is ideal for parents and other caregivers who are logging reading and activities for children

I’m a daycare provider/preschool teacher/day camp counselor/summer school teacher. Do I need to register each child individually?

  • If you are caring for five or more children and the children in your class/group are approximately the same age, you can register your entire class/group at the same time. From the BeanStack sign-in page, select “Register a Class or Group,” and follow the instructions from there. Once you register, you can give each reader an individual name by going to your Profile Settings. Registering as a class/group will allow you to log reading and activities for all members of your class/group at the same time.

If I created a BeanStack account in the past, can I use that account this year?

  • All BeanStack accounts created prior to 2020 have been deleted. If your Beanstack account was created prior to 2020, you will need to create a new account. You are welcome to reuse the username and password from your previous account if you desire. If you created a BeanStack account to participate in Summer Reading last year, you can use the same account. Please contact us at 970-243-4442 if you need assistance accessing your account.

What if I forgot my password?

  • If you provide an email upon creating your account,  you can select “Recover Password” from the BeanStack sign-in page. You will be prompted to enter your username or your email address and a link will be emailed to reset your password. If you did not provide an email address upon sign-up, you can call 970-243-4442 and library staff will assist you in resetting your password.

The goal for Summer Reading 2021 is to earn 1500 points

  • While doing so, earn online badges, tangible prizes, free books, and chances to win bi-weekly and grand prize drawing entries.

How do I log my points?

Don’t want to use Beanstack?

  • Log reading and activities in this reading journal. Then call or visit any Mesa County Libraries location to have library staff enter your reading and activities into Beanstack.

Journaling not your thing?

  • No problem. Journal activities are just for fun, and are not required to complete the program. If you’d prefer, you can just track your points on pages 4-7 or list the titles you read (noting number of pages in each) on pages 18-19.

Information about prizes to be added in 2022.