Comic Con

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We'll see you Saturday, Oct. 12, 2019!

Special Guests

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501st Legion
The Junktown Comic Book Project
Justice League of Hope
Board Fox Games


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Expo Hall

Mesa County Libraries Comic Con will be held at Two Rivers Convention Center on Saturday Oct 12, from 9:00 to 5:00.

Only Exhibitors with products and/or services relating to comic books, comic art, pop culture, science fiction, fantasy, anime, books, graphic novels and movies are eligible to exhibit. No adult materials may be displayed or sold, as this is a family event.

The Expo Hall is currently full. Applications for 2020 exhibitors will open in late spring 2020.

Please email with any questions.

Artists, authors, creators, crafters, and other comic-related vendors with be displaying and selling their goods in the Expo Hall.

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Cosplay Contests

Cosplay contests will take place on the Cosplay Stage at the west end of the Expo Hall. Contestants may wear costumes of any kind as long as they conform to the Rules for Cosplayers.

  • 10am - Kids Cosplay Contest (Ages 11 and under)
  • 1pm - Teen Cosplay Contest (Ages 12-18)
  • 4pm - Adult Cosplay Contest (Ages 19 and up) & Group Cosplay Contest (All-ages groups of 2-10 cosplayers with the same theme or fandom)
  • Cosplayers may only compete in one competition.

Registration will take place in the northwest corner of the Expo Hall by the Cosplay Stage 30 minutes before each contest. The first 100 cosplayers to arrive for registration in each age group will be entered in their respective contests. The first 20 groups to arrive for registration at 3:30pm for the Group Cosplay Contest will be entered. Pre-registration is not available.

Contestants will line up during registration and then wait to be called to the stage. Contestants will provide a brief description for the emcee to read as they cross the stage. On stage, characters will exhibit several poses and exhibit all-ages-appropriate character cosplay for 45 seconds each or 90 seconds per group.

Judging by library staff, costume professionals, and community artists will evaluate contestants on the following criteria: creativity/originality, craftsmanship/technique, and stage presence/personality.

Prizes for Most Creative, Best Craftsmanship, and Best Stage Presence in each age category will be awarded shortly after each contest. There will be one winning group in the Group Contest based on all three criteria. Prizes will include gift cards to Downtown Grand Junction, Top Five Comics, and Regal Cinemas.


Fandom Meetups Schedule

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Full Schedule

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Comic Con FAQs

What is Comic Con?

Mesa County Libraries Comic Con is a fun, free, family-friendly event that brings together fans and creators, old and young in celebrating the importance of stories and fandoms that connect us and enrich our lives. Since our first Comic Con in spring 2015, this highly anticipated event has quickly grown to attract more than 5,000 attendees from across the Western Slope. Highlighting graphic literature, sequential art, and comics as a literary medium, Comic Con includes an Expo Hall featuring local and regional artists, authors, cosplayers, crafters, and media creators. Panel presentations give attendees an opportunity to deep dive into topics of interest; fandom meetups provide opportunities to discuss favorite characters and meet others with similar passions; and everyone can take part in cosplay, photo ops, and cosplay contests.

What is cosplay?

Literally "Costume Play"-- dressing up and pretending to be a fictional character (usually a sci-fi, comic book, fantasy, or anime character).

Cosplay Etiquette - View Rules for Cosplayers

Cosplay events can be exciting and fun, whether you're a participant or guest. Sometimes all the excitement can be a little overwhelming, causing us to forget our manners and basic social behavior lessons. Here are a few reminders:

Personal Hygiene - Please wear plenty of deodorant. This may seem like a no-brainer but it gets hot in packed convention halls and rooms especially, if you are wearing a heavy or thick material costume.

Photos and Videos - Ask first. Most cosplayers are proud of their costumes and will pose for you but ask first. It’s polite!

Don't touch - Don’t run up and just grab someone. There are real people underneath the character and costume. If you want a hug or a pose with your arm around them, politely ask their permission first.

Don't get stupid - If you are a cosplayer, remember, you are representing a character that is cherished by fans. Don’t do or say anything stupid that will tarnish the representation of the character.

Props - Don’t pick up a fellow cosplayer’s prop without their permission. People put a lot of work into their costumes and props, so respect them.

Don’t monopolize guests’ time - Others want to have a meaningful experience, too. Have yours and then move on! Also, remember, don’t touch!

Weapons - If your cosplay character carries a prop, make sure it doesn’t violate convention rules; also, be aware of where you are in relation to other people when you brandish it or swing it around.

How much does it cost?

Admission is free with a Mesa County Libraries library card or $5.00 donation at the door. No tickets will be sold in advance. Also, there will be lots of awesome things for sale by local and regional artists, authors, crafters, and collectors in the Exhibit Hall.

No outside food or drink is allowed in the convention center, however, the concession stand will be selling themed food and snacks. There are also many great restaurants within walking distance.

Are there any activities for kids?

Yes, there will be fun activities for kids throughout the day.




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