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Check Out State Parks: Colorado Library Pass

Always wanted to check out Colorado’s state parks? Now you can! In partnership with the Colorado Department of Education, State Library, local library systems, and Colorado Parks and Wildlife, your local library now offers Check Out State Parks Backpacks.

Most library locations in Mesa County (except Gateway and De Beque) have backpacks available for checkout that include:

  • 1 state park pass hang tag for the rear-view mirror
  • 1 set of binoculars
  • Various nature and park guides

3 Easy Steps to Adventure

  1. Use the pass to get into a state park for FREE.
  2. Use the backpack to explore a nearby state park and see what you can learn.
  3. Share a photo with #CheckOutColorado on Twitter or Instagram.

Hike or bike the multi-use trails, find wildlife in their natural surroundings, visit a nature center or bring a picnic. With a license or camping reservation, you can try fishing or camp out overnight.


Checkout Details


Museum Passes

Check out a pass to the Museums of Western Colorado!

Checkout Details

  • Passes gain entry for up to 6 people to the Downtown Grand Junction location, Dinosaur Journey in Fruita, and Cross Orchards museum in Clifton.
  • Passes can be checked out for seven days and are available at the Central Library, Clifton branch, or Fruita branch.
  • Passes are not holdable — please call your local library or check the catalog for availability.





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