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Grown ups are always wondering what the moral of the story is. I didn’t even know what “moral of the story” meant until I asked a librarian the other day. It means the lesson that you learn from a story. Since I love Mo Willems’ Elephant & Piggie books, I thought I would share with you some of the lessons that I’ve learned from them. So here they are — the five best story morals I’ve found in Elephant & Piggie:

Book Cover1. We all want to play with our friends, but what happens when one of our friends is a snake? And we want to play catch? Moral: Be creative, and you can play catch with a snake! (Don’t try this at home.)






Book Cover2. Elephant Gerald accidentally breaks Piggie’s new toy. Does this mean the end of their BFF level friendship? Just because something breaks, does that mean it is broken? Can a squirrel be a hero? Moral: Friends should stick together, even when their toys don’t.





Book Cover3. Elephant Gerald faces a BIG decision: should he share his ice cream? It’s a race against the clock heat in this thoughtful and hilarious book. Moral: Reading this makes me want to get some ice cream — so I can share it (and eat it, of course).





Book Cover4. Gerald cannot see what’s on top of his head. It’s a good thing he has Piggie to help him find out what’s up there. It’s a bad thing that there is a bird on his head. It’s even worse when there are two birds – and it doesn’t end there! Moral: A lot can happen on top of an elephant’s head.





Book Cover5. Piggie wants Gerald to try her slop. Gerald does not want to try Piggie’s slop, but he doesn’t want to hurt her feelings either. Will Gerald swallow his fear and try to stomach the slop? Moral: What the heck is slop?






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