PHOTO I.D. - Screenshot of a Department of Energy video depicting the detonation of an underground nuclear bomb in their Project Rulison experiment.

Local History Thursday: Splitting the Atom, Project Rulison and Project Rio Blanco

When you take a core of enriched uranium-235 and start flinging neutrons at it, something very special happens. First, the neutron strikes the nucleus of a single atom of uranium-235, causing it to split into fragments. Then, these fragmented atoms release neutrons of their own, which strike the nucleus of neighboring atoms, causing a cascading […]

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[PHOTO ID:] A man enters a car packed with his belongings as he prepares to leave B

Local History Thursday: …The Harder the Bust (Black Sunday, part 2)

On Wednesday, April 26, in a boardroom located in a Sixth Avenue skyscraper in Manhattan, a group of Exxon executives decided to kill the Colony Shale Oil Project. They considered a variety of factors, including the rising cost of the project, an unfavorable petroleum market, and declining first-quarter profits. They made their decision, shook hands, […]

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