Charlie Glass's Grave

Local History Thursday: The Legend of Charlie Glass

According to an article written by Katie Nodjimbadem for, “Few images embody the spirit of the American West as well as the trailblazing, sharpshooting, horseback-riding cowboy of American lore. And though African-American cowboys don’t play a part in the popular narrative, historians estimate that one in four cowboys were black.” One such man was Charlie […]

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Local History Thursday: M.L. Allison and His Daughter’s Handwritten Notes From the Early 20th Century

In addition to being a mayor of Grand Junction, Monroe (M.L.) Allison was an influential and connected person, at the very least he was well regarded by the town founder, George Crawford. Along with C.B. Rich, he was named an executor and trustee of Crawford’s will and estate. The Delta County Independent issue from February […]

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Local History Thursday: Rural School Shenanigans

In the old days of rural schoolhouse education in Mesa County and the Western Slope, most kids simply withstood the smacked wrists and hits they received from teachers, and understood it was the price for bad behavior. Farm and ranch kids, the boys especially, were thought to be wild by nature, and they often simply […]

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