Woodturning Class in Clifton

Want to learn a new hobby? You might not know it yet, but woodturning could be your new favorite thing to do! According to the American Association of Woodturners at www.woodturner.org: “Woodturning is the craft of using the wood lathe with hand-held tools to cut a shape that is symmetrical around an axis of rotation.  Like […]

Teen Reviews: Bring Me Their Hearts

Do you ever read a book and get so MAD when it ends? That’s this book, for me. I got so entangled in the story, the romance and the fighting and all that came in between- And then, it ended, and I needed MORE, and I was so ANGRY- (I may or may not have […]

Teen Reviews: Carry On

I loved this book so much. Personally I had to read the last paragraph to make sure I wanted to read it. I did and I started to read the book. I loved it so much! The action and the point of view of all of the characters that way you get to know how […]

colorado national monument

Resources for exploring the outdoors and local culture

We’re pretty lucky to be living in beautiful western Colorado–there are no shortage of recreational opportunities and our local area is also rich in history and art!  To help you explore, your library has some great resources to make your cultural and outdoor experiences more fun AND easier on your wallet.  For Exploring the Outdoors […]

Teen Reviews: Ship It

‘Ship It’ is a fabulous YA novel about a girl obsessed with a TV show, who gets to live every fangirls dream- Meeting the actors of the show! Unfortunately, one of the lead actors is… Less than kind to her after she asks a question at a comicon panel about whether a ship between the […]

Acrylic painting

Feed Your Creative Soul

You’ve been brainstorming which direction to take next for hours, days, or even months.  You sit down to write the song, but the melody refuses to match the words. The canvas continues to be disparagingly blank. You yearn to create something fulfilling and beautiful – but what? But how? This, folks, sounds like a case of […]

May 8 is Truman Day

Harry Truman Day, that is.  My favorite modern president and the only modern president to not have a college degree, Harry Truman was born on May 8, 1884, in Lamar, Missouri.  He was a selfless son who returned to the family farm to help his parents, a soldier in World War I, an unsuccessful haberdasher, and […]

Teen Reviews: Brightly Burning

  This book was absolutely brilliant – it was a mix of so many things; sci-fi, mystery, romance. It was a beautiful blend and had just the right amount of each element. Being set in a future of governmental evils and love interests who just can’t stay still, it reminded me much of Defy the Stars […]

In praise of our furry friends

Where would we be without our pooches and kitties? In a very dismal place, that’s where. Our critters are our friends, companions, walking buddies, and alarm clocks. Sure, there are the gusts of fur that drift through our homes and the occasional chewed earbud cord to vex us, but studies show that having pets can […]

Classic survival tales

When life seems too hard, and I want to snivel like the mope that I am, I buck myself up with thoughts of Meriwether Lewis and Ernest Shackleton. That’s right, these two legendary explorers and survivors of expedition-related disaster have been my inspiration, and can be yours, too! You must, however,  commit to a rigorous […]