Summer Reading logo

Puppet show sets the stage for Summer Reading at Mesa County Libraries  

Get the kids excited for Summer Reading at Mesa County Libraries by attending a “Reading Rocks!” puppet show at your nearest library location. Summer Reading officially starts May 29, but kids, teens, and adults can sign up now online. Summer Reading will feature awesome activities, plentiful prizes, and a Summer Entertainment Series jam-packed with magicians, musicians, […]

Library Fiesta for Children’s Day

We celebrate moms on Mother’s Day; we celebrate dads on Father’s Day; and we even celebrate doughnuts on National Donut Day (yum!). But, how about children? Various Latin American countries, in fact, do celebrate such a day: el Día de los Niños or Children’s Day. Author Pat Mora learned about this celebration in Mexico, and […]

Volunteer Appreciation infographic

Volunteers are crucial to the library – and its patrons

Thank a library volunteer this week! It’s Volunteer Appreciation Week, and it’s time to recognize how crucial volunteers are to the services that Mesa County Libraries provide. How crucial are they? The work that volunteers do helps the library circulate materials efficiently. In other words, when a patron returns a book or DVD to the […]

Have You Listened to a Good Biography Lately?

It seems to be the time of the year that classroom assignments turn to thoughts of biography. Yes, those books that tell the stories of real people. Fortunately, fans of fiction and nonfiction agree: biographies are fun to read, whether you use your eyes or ears to do so. Basing engrossing narratives on interesting facts, […]

El Chavo Puppet Show

Once upon a time, there was a little boy who lived in a barrel. His name was El Chavo. One day, El Chavo and his friends decided to turn their neighborhood into a world of magic and fantasy. But, a meddling wolf appeared and threatened the peace of their magical world. What will they do? […]

Women’s history month: Books for kids (and grown-ups)

In honor of Women’s History Month I’d like to highlight a few great books about awesome women throughout history. Although you’ll find these books in the children’s area of the library, anyone can enjoy reading them. You can check them all out at Mesa County Libraries.   Rad American Women A-Z and Rad Women Worldwide   […]


Children in Black History

One November day, a brave little girl named Ruby Bridges went to her first day of school. She would be the first black student to attend a whites-only school, changing it from segregated to integrated. In 2018, students of different races and ethnicities attend school with each other every day all across America. In 1960, […]

It’s Award Season for Books

Music has the Grammys, TV has the Golden Globes, and movies have the Oscars. There is no single award for books. Books, specifically books for Children and Young Adults (YA), are a little different. On February 12, the American Library Association (ALA) will host the Youth Media Awards Ceremony in Denver, and the entire ceremony […]

Tooth with a toothbrush

Let’s Go to the Dentist

I was always afraid of going to the dentist when I was young. The masks, the too-bright light, the tiny metal picks, the high-pitched whirr of the drill all combined to make a place much scarier than any haunted house. Terrified by dentists, I vowed to never EVER trust one. Never say never, right? One […]

Rearranging the Children’s Center

At the Central Library, we are shifting some of your favorite items within the children’s center. Movies, graphic novels, audio books, new chapter books, and world language materials are now spruced up and in new locations. A handful of staff members and volunteers are helping this go very smoothly. It all started when the children’s […]