Girl Waits with Gun

Inspired by  a true historical episode, Girl Waits with Gun, by Amy Stewart, starts with an automobile crashing into a buggy carrying the Kopp sisters.  It’s 1914 in Paterson, New Jersey, and the villainous Henry Kaufman, drunken and erratic son of a rich factory owner, refuses to pay for the damages.  He and his thugs soon begin a campaign of intimidation and escalating girlviolence, testing the sisters’ courage.  The eldest,  the formidable Constance, will not give in, however, and soon finds that she is well suited to a life of action and adventure.  A stolen baby and  a long-buried family secret add to the exciting plot, and the rich characters and historical details will entertain and delight readers.

Here is a link to author Amy Stewart’s website, with fine old photographs of the real Constance Kopp and her world.

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