How do you do bookshelves?

Being the in-the-know hepcat that I am, I’ve become aware of certain perverse trends in personal, at-home book shelving. Seething in indignation about them is a fun, but lonely, pastime, so I’ve included the most egregious examples below for your consideration.


books arranged by colorColor-coded! How very fun and decorative! Bah. Why do you have so many colorful books? You are not a serious person.  Image credit: Book Riot





But this one may be my favorite love-to-hate idea:

books wrapped up in paper“Wrap your books in pretty paper for a unified look.” Dear me.  This is designed for book-owning people who never read and who regard books as any other decorative object, subject to whimsical prettification. Oh my, no.  Image credit





My own bookshelves? A disgrace.  How do you do bookshelves?

crowded bookshelf






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  1. I agree with you about the first three examples being deplorable. I organize my books by subject and size. I prefer to have similar subjects together but when the sizes vary some of them have to go on other shelves.

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