Making kombucha for fun and profit

Because I’m so hip and cool, I now make my own kombucha. This vinegary, fizzy, fermented probiotic drink is only for the very groovy, though. Made from sweet black or green tea and a very scary-looking SCOBY (symbiotic ‘colony’ of bacteria and yeast), kombucha supposedly originated in China in the 200s BC, where it was known as “The Tea of Immortality.” In addition to exotic origin stories, kombucha is said to have digestive benefits and reputedly aids in reducing inflammation. But, as I said before, I make and drink kombucha because I’m cool. You’ll find recipes galore on our Pinterest page, and in these helpful library books:

Kombucha revolution: 75 recipes for homemade brews, fixers, elixirs, and mixers by Stephen Lee

Kombucha! : the amazing probiotic tea that cleanses, heals, energizes, and detoxifies by Eric Childs

Note: “for fun and profit: is a misnomer. Making kombucha is only slightly fun, and not really profitable, although it is way cheaper than buying the stuff.

Note 2: I tried to find a pretty picture of kombucha, but there are none. SCOBYs aren’t pretty.

kombucha revolution


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