Time to grab some yarn

The seemingly endless summer is finally over, and, with temperatures pleasingly lowered, it’s time to get out the crochet hooks and knitting needles again. I, for one, will continue to work on the behemoth granny stripe bedspread project I started two years ago. So huge. So unwieldy. So not even half done. As ridiculous time-sucks go, it’s a winner. But now being buried under 20 pounds of yarn is cozy, not sweltering. If you’re looking for new ideas, the library has lots of crochet books to inspire you. Here are a few:

Crochet Master Class: lessons and projects from today’s top crocheters by Jean Leinhauser

Simple stitches. Crochet: 25 projects for the new stitcher by Carol Meldrum

 Not your mama’s crochet: the cool and creative way to join the chain gang by Amy Swenson

Crochet Master ClassSimple Stitches Crochet

Not Your Mama's Crochet

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