Solving the Case of the Forgotten Book Title

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It happens to the best of us. You read a book review, then head to your local library with that certain book in mind you’re dying to read.  You pull into the parking lot, whistling a happy tune, because hey, you’re at the library! The library rules!  You head over to the stacks and stare blankly at the rows of books, sadly realizing that you have no idea what the title is.  The cover art is pictured clearly in your head, the plot is easily brought to mind, yet there is no memory recollection of the title OR author.  “Why didn’t I write it down?” You wail and lament. Don’t fret for long – there are several ways to recover from that pesky little mind bug known as forgetfulness.

Option 1: Ask your friendly local Mesa County librarian.  They have the savvy to submit a specific search based off your most thorough description, or maybe they have read that same book just last week! If we are unable to solve the conundrum, we might suggest using NoveList to recommend books that are similar to your sought-after read.  NoveList is a wonderful search engine that helps you find a new read by using categories such as genre, author, or keywords. NoveList is located under the E-Resources “A-Z” list on the Mesa County Libraries’ catalog page.

Option 2: Book Index with Reviews is a solid resource found in the E-Resources section of Mesa County Libraries’ website. Enter in specific keywords, publication date, or any information you can retrieve about your desired read.  You can also use this database to develop book lists and subject guides.

Option 3: Utilize the internet. Several help sites are available for those having that same frustrating problem you are. Amazon’s Advanced Book Search provides a keyword search that could come in handy, or you can turn to the Library of Congress “Ask a Librarian” website to reach out to another circuit of librarians.

We all have days where the brain feels a bit fuzzier than normal.  Keep that ticker sharp and check our catalog for some brain stimulating reads on techniques to strengthen your memory. The following may help enhance your mind to its maximum potential so you can experience the sorrows of the “mystery book title” less frequently.  A few titles available are:

The Brain Fog Fix by Mike Dow

Moonwalking with Einstein: The Art and Science of Remembering Everything by Joshua Foer

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