Books to Help Celebrate Earth Day

It’s that official time of year to celebrate Earth, the spectacular spinning ball of gases, rocks, and minerals which we call home.  Earth Day is celebrated on April 22 of each year.  According to, this celebratory tradition was originally conceived in 1970 by a man named Gaylord Nelson.  Nelson was a Wisconsin U.S. Senator and environmentalist who strongly urged the need to increase awareness, action, and knowledge towards air and water pollution.  Fueled by Nelson’s dedication to the cause, this new environmentalist political agenda steadily gained exposure through the use of demonstrations, events, and rallies across colleges countrywide. The Environmental Protection Agency and the Clean Air, Clean Water, and Endangered Species Acts were created as a result of Nelson’s dogged work.

Living in a beautiful area such as Mesa County, Colorado, how could we not feel inspired to take care of this wondrous landscape? There are many ways for you to get involved on Earth Day, not just on April 22, but every day to help protect our precious natural resources.  Planting bee-friendly flowers or herbs in your garden, consciously using less water, recycling plastics, and biking to work instead of driving are several examples of active environmentalism.  If you’d like to take action mentally, the following recently written books are available in Mesa County Libraries’ catalog to acquire knowledge on subjects such as waste and pollution, environmental stewardship, water conservation, and forestry:


Where the Water Goes book cover

The Water Will Come Book Cover

Trespassing Across America Book CoverA Hold in the Wind book coverThe Song of Trees Book cover













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