How to manage stress the fun and easy way

What to do about stress? If you’re like me, you’ve tried junk food, negative thinking, staying up late to watch crap TV,  excessive nap-taking,  and criticizing strangers. None of it has worked. It got me thinking, “Could it be time for …gulp…self-help books?”   After the screaming and hyperventilating subsided, it occurred to me that while I believed wholeheartedly in the concept of stress, I had long dismissed the notion of dealing with it in a constructive manner. It all seemed like such a futile waste of time. “The stress will only come back, ”  I thought, exhaling rich gusts of nacho cheese and despair.  But as a sensible and mature, though rapidly disintegrating, human, I realized that SOMETHING MUST BE DONE.  Therefore, I’m dipping my toe into the sunny, citrusy waters of the self-help world to report my findings. Here are a few to consider:


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