Career help for the quiet person

I am no careerist, but I still have to be a functional human at work, and Hiding in the Bathroom: an introvert’s roadmap to getting out there (when you’d rather stay home), by Morra Aarons-Mele, seems like a great title to help my reluctant introvert nebbish self.  Bathrooms are not my preferred refuge, of course; my cat-furred abode is normally where I like to cower in fear. But sometimes that just won’t do. Sometimes I must act like a reasonable adult. While this book is aimed at introvert overachiever business types, which is a thing I am not, I think it could be useful in the ordinary way for everyday slouches like me. And with chapters like “Lean in Less,” and “Getting Out There(When You Have To),” there is practical advice for anyone who doesn’t relish the schmooze.

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  1. I always appreciate and love the honesty in your voice. This was the perfect book for you to review and it sounds like a great read!

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