Relax, Breath, & Internet

As an initiative to inform the public about safe and stress-free internet use, licensed professional counselor Elizabeth Clark and the library are hosting CyberStrong.

Be strong in the internet age… Be CyberStrong

What is CyberStrong?

CyberStrong is an library discussion for parents who want to learn information and techniques in order to help themselves and their children have safe internet usage. Our next event is on the 11th of September at 6:00 pm,  with a Spanish version on the 10th of September at 6:00 pm. Children will have an amazing time doing fun activities, meanwhile parents learn stress relief techniques and empowerment techniques, both needed when using the internet.

Our September activity for children will be a special story time with yoga poses, stories, relaxation, and create your own zen garden.

Find out more about CyberStrong.

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