Teen Reviews: This Is Kind of an Epic Love Story

Callender, Kheryn. This Is Kind of an Epic Love Story.


“Let me start by saying the title does not lie. Let me continue to say just how epic of a love story it really is. The main character, Nate, is relatable- A kid with insecurities, ones that make it hard for him to even imagine having a ‘happy ending’, cause he’s seen just enough relationships go down in flames- at least one of them having been his own- to show him that life just doesn’t work that way. He has a best friend he’s in love with and an old friend who just moved back he’s falling for all over again,and he just doesn’t know what to do.

This book frustrated me- Nate kept saying things and doing things that didn’t make sense and wouldn’t help him in any of his issues because the things that’ve happened to him in life have scared him bad enough that his reactions made sense at the moment but where, from the outside perspective, obviously the wrong things to do.

This book also made me cry- more than once, but once I started I really couldn’t stop. I wasn’t even sure quite why I was crying- but I did.

All in all, it’s a very good book- It gives you a good perspective on how life works, to remind you that others go through the same sorts of things you do- To show you that while not everything has a happy ending, it doesn’t always matter, because if you were happy while it was happening, then the ending won’t destroy you if you remember the good things. Happy endings DO exist- this book helps remind you to go find yours.”

Rating: 5

-Katie, Grade 11


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