Local History Thursday: Easy Links to People, Places and Topics in Mesa County History

Basque immigrant, sheepherder and hotel owner Jean Urruty

Curious about Mesa County’s past? Satisfy your history itch in one (or a few) easy click(s). Our Mesa County Oral History Project webpage has links to online information about several important people, places, and topics from Mesa County’s history.

Find out what Grand Junction contemporaries of Dalton Trumbo thought of him before he became a famed Hollywood screenwriter. Learn about wild nights at the COPECO dance hall, or the scintillating history of irrigation and water resource development. How did farm wives make mouthwatering head cheese, store produce in dirt over winter, or churn butter? Search homemakers to find out.


Physician and founder of De Beque, Wallace A.E. De Beque

Is there anything that former Superintendent of Schools Lucille Mahannah or amateur-everything Al Look didn’t do? Who founded the Riverside neighborhood anyway? And what did people do for fun back in the day (search Social life and customs to find out)?

Or, do your own search of the local archive in our catalog.

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