Local History Thursday: Time Warp with Mesa County Yearbooks

Feeling nostalgic? Did you or someone you love grow up and attend school in the earlier days of Mesa County?

If you’re undergoing a genealogy research project, feel like checking out photos of the awesome hairstyle you were rockin’ forty years ago, or want to bust out your mom’s freshman year picture to embarrass her at a birthday party, Mesa County Libraries has a plentiful collection of old yearbooks, some dating back to as early as 1916.

The collection includes yearbooks such as the Plateau Valley Lariat (Collbran, Colorado), the Fruita Monument Wildcat, the Mesa College Maverick (now Colorado Mesa University), the Grand Junction Central High School Tawasi, and the Grand Junction High School Tiger.  Although it’s not a Mesa County school, we even have a few copies of the Grand County Mograndah (Moab, Utah)!

This trip down memory lane can be visited by simply heading to the Mesa County Central Library and visiting our Rashleigh History Room.  The room is located downstairs, and if you leave a photo ID with the information desk you can scour yearbooks to your heart’s content. Please be gentle with the yearbooks – they are one of a kind! The yearbooks are also available in electronic PDF format and accessible on the microfilm computers nearby the History Room.

  Modrandah wildcat tawasi tiger Bulldogs

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