Children’s Nonfiction: Who Said Facts Had to Be Boring?

Nonfiction. A word that can sound dry and boring, and for many generates worries that we’ll be asked to memorize significant dates. But for many children, nonfiction is a genre of wonder and excitement to answer their most pressing questions. “Why do balloons float up? What kind of dinosaurs lived during the Jurassic period?” Best of all, there are books in the children’s nonfiction area for all ages, not only school aged children who have to do research projects.

Staff from Mesa County Libraries would like to share some of their favorite children’s nonfiction titles with you.

Cydney, Head of Youth Services nominates:

Does it Fart?: A Kid’s Guide to the Gas Animals Pass by Nick Caruso
A hilariously informative book of facts, farts, and fun! Dogs fart. Cats fart. Horses fart (alot). But what about snakes? Spiders? Octopuses? Or Dinosaurs? In this gaseous guide to kids’ favorite animals (some they’ve probably never heard of), young readers will discover not only which animals pass gas, but also which have the stinkiest farts, which fart the most, and where all this smelly stuff comes from.

Cydney says: “This was such a fun book to read with my son! We laughed, we ah-hahed, we learned, but most importantly we enjoyed reading together! I highly recommend also taking a look at the original version (written for grown-ups)!”


Andrea, Teen Services Coordinator recommends:

What Do You Do With a Tail Like This?” by Steve Jenkins
A classic guessing game book. Pages show a variety of body parts such as tails, eyes, and feet, and prompt the reader to guess which animal they belong to. The following page will reveal the animals, and provide the reader with information about how the animals use their unique body parts.

Andrea says: “I love how this book is fun for all ages, as young children will enjoy just guessing the animals, but there’s more in depth information available for older kids. I got to learn myself that horned lizards not only see with their eyes, but also squirt blood out of them to confuse predators!”


Sandra, Youth Services Coordinator recommends:

Sandwiches!: More Than You Ever Wanted to Know About Making and Eating America’s Favorite Food by Alison Deering
Sandra: “A fantastic beginner cooking book with multiple sandwiches recipes. This book will make your shopping vibrant and colorful. With five cooking levels, this beginners cooking book supports a healthy and balanced diet, with allergies accommodations and “I dare” you combinations. There is nothing better than to prepare your favorite sandwich! MMMMMmmmm, so good! FYI- Some recipes do and do not require adult supervision. Be warned; your grownup might ask you to make THEIR lunch.

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