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I know we’re all missing the library services we’re used to–the books, the in-person events–and probably wanting the item(s) you put on hold a month ago! These are top reasons we love our library. For us librarians, we also value our role as a community resource, connecting people to the organizations that can meet their needs. This is the heart of our service and what feeds our passion to keep us going, no matter how tough times are.

Working toward this commitment to connect our community to needed resources, we joined a partnership with Hilltop, giving space to our friend Kelly who is available to help people apply for food assistance. She wants you to know that that about HALF of the people who could get Food Assistance in Mesa County aren’t receiving this money. You could be eligible to get FREE money for food each month! She’s available to help people learn about possible benefits and to apply for them. If you already have assistance, she can help you check the status of your case and make helpful updates.

Although she’s unavailable while the library is closed, we want you and your loved ones to know how you still can get help. Here is a list with links below:

Mesa County SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program)

Phone: (855) 855-4626 Food Assistance Navigators can connect clients to available food resources and are able to complete SNAP applications via phone with telephonic signature.

Web: Client Self-Referral: This link allows clients to refer themselves. Clients who self-refer will be contacted by one of their Food Assistance Navigators within 3 business days (typically more quickly).

Additional Community Resources

Food Bank of the Rockies Distribution Sites – click on the map to find local resources.

District 51 Emergency Meal Service Program  – open to all children in Mesa County regardless of their school system.

Hunger Free Colorado  – scroll down to find a map showing where meals and other resources are being offered across the state.

Community Resource Guide of the Grand Valley – an extensive guide maintained by Grand Valley Peace and Justice that covers food and housing assistance, medical care, veterans services, and much more.

If you are having any trouble locating services, please email us at and we’ll do our best to help!

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